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Since the release of his debut EP nearly a year ago, 23 year old British singer-songwriter, James Bay, has been causing a scene among indie folk lovers across the globe. Bay began writing songs at a young age, exposing the awkward and embarrassing hopes and fears of being a teenager in his lyrics. The same confidence and carefree spirit he had as a teenager still shines through his music today.

Although Bay claims his style was influenced by his favorite rock bands growing up, such as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and the Black Crowes, he decided to go with a simple, stripped down style for his first album release last summer, which mainly consists of his powerful, smooth voice and his acoustic guitar. His debut EP titled The Dark of the Morning conveys a common theme of a couple making the most of their last night together before calling it quits on their dying relationship in the morning.

Fans of Bay no longer have to wait with bated breath for a sophomore EP. He has released a copy of his new EP titled Demos on his website and SoundCloud page. No official release date for the U.S. has been set at this time.

Mary Margaret Boswell

James Bay- ‘Let It Go’

Daily Discovery: JMR

Cause A Scene —  May 9, 2014 — 1 Comment


If you were ever curious as to what it would sound like if Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon were to try his hand at R&B, you’ll find the answer in JMR’s debut single “Pioneer of Your Heart.”  With his sophomore album American Hell slated for release at the beginning of May, JMR leaves expectations high after the dropping of his single.

JMR shared a while back on Facebook that singer-songwriter Ray Lamontagne has served as his biggest influence.  “He taught me to feel when I use my voice and shut out the room,” and that’s exactly what JMR does in the “Pioneer of Your Heart” video, filmed and produced by Nashville’s Back Down South Films.

One of my favorite parts, besides the look of the video and the way it was shot (WOW) happens around the three-minute mark when JMR seamlessly transitions back and forth between soft falsettos and soulful tones.  If this single serves as any indication as to where JMR is headed with his music, I can’t say I expect anyone to be left disappointed.

Bailey Basham

JMR- ‘Pioneer of Your Heart’


Ages and Ages stands tall on a crowded field of indie-folk, offering snappy, harmony and percussion-forward jaunts imbued with poignant social philosophy.  The Portland, OR eight-piece turned the heads of music supervisors and President Obama himself with 2011’s sparse, choral Alright You Restless.  On their latest, Divisionary, spiritual leader Tim Perry enlists more intricate production, creative countermelody, and a Rube Goldberg machine of shakers, claps, clinks, and rattles.

We’re drawn in by driving sing-a-long, Light Goes Out, and the swampier I See More.  The shimmering acoustic groove and vocal interplay of Big Idea evokes classic California pop (akin to underrated contemporaries The Belle Brigade).  But the kicker is the grand finale; an uplifting, anthemic title track that sends us out on a high note, like Row, Row, Row, Your Boat for secular humanists.

Whitaker Elledge


Just yesterday, Nashville-based folk-rock band Lulu Mae debuted the music video for the title track off their forthcoming record Mean River. If the single is any indication to the quality of the the new record, you can rest assured that it will retain the same folksy lyricism, soaring harmonies and rock n’ roll attitude that made us here at CAS such fans of the band’s first album, The Mockingbird and the Dogwood Tree.

Lulu Mae has spent the better part of the last year writing and recording the material for Mean River, which was recorded live to tape in a four night marathon session at Soundstage Studios right here in Nashville. The recording sessions were part of a prize package the band won when they finished first in the annual Nashville band/artist competition, “Music City Mayhem,” curated by local independent radio affiliate Lightning 100. The video Mean River, which can be seen below, certainly showcases the raw intensity and soul of the band that was so well captured in the live recording sessions.

Cause A Scene will be presenting Lulu Mae’s official album release show at Exit/In on May 16th, with opening acts El El and The Oak Creek Band. Mean River officially drops on May 13th.

Christian Lerchenfeld



Nineteen-year-old vocalist and producer William Bolton dips a toe in soul music, thankfully shedding his Times New Roman moniker just before the rest of the country does. Bolton saves ink on Let’s Stay Together with ultra simple lyrics wrapped in a bedroom pop aesthetic. There’s a charm to his cadence and understated croon, as he maintains the essence of his signature reggae flow amongst dusty horn samples.

The self-proclaimed playboy extraordinaire might find drinking age audiences with this soul-tinged pop, but the distillation came out a little weak. Mr. Bolton stumbled into a potentially great love song, landing somewhere between Mayer Hawthorne and Chris Cab. Sadly, when the drum machine finally dies into a breathy and labored a cappella outro, we’re left feeling cheap.  

But it’s pure fun… no regrets. A romp in youthful romance with big kicks. For now, we’ll cherish young love, and wait for Bolton’s inevitable artistic leap as he opens his blue eyes.

Whitaker Elledge