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We at Cause A Scene are pumped to bring you a night full of great company and some of the best music this city has to offer, this Saturday night at The High Watt on Cannery Row. Headlining the evening’s bill is gifted and seasoned singer songwriter, Teitur (Tie-tor). Hailing from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, Teitur has spent the past decade honing his craft and playing his music for all to hear. Having left his homeland in the early 2000s to pursue his career and record his first album, Teitur returned home to record his sixth and most recent album, Story Music. Recorded in an old abandoned ice factory, Story Music echoes the spirit of the homeland he left so many years ago. With a strong following in the UK and an ever-growing fan base here in the States, we can’t be more excited to host Teitur on his stop through Nashville.

Filling out the night’s set are two Tennessee based bands, Grace and Tony from Lawrence County, TN and Nashville’s own Caleb Groh. Grace and Tony can best be described as a punkgrass couple band, and yes, their sound is as unique and interesting as their genre title. Grace and Tony White’s sound, a fusion of punk and bluegrass, was the lovechild of their budding romance and their passion to create has not yet ceased. Both musically influenced by their families, Grace by the gospel music and bluegrass of her childhood and Tony by his brother John Paul White of The Civil Wars. Both bring a passion and spirit to their music that sets them apart with every lyric and every note. The duo released their debut record November just last year.

Caleb Groh is a Nashville based folksinger songwriter and CAS alumnus who continues to wow us with every performance. Born in Connecticut and having spent his life up and down both coasts, Groh has been writing, recording and playing his own songs since he was a young teen. Spending his early years recording and playing with various projects, Caleb began writing and recording as a solo artist in 2011. In the time since he has grounded himself here in Nashville where he released his EP, Down Dakota!, and his full-length album, Bottomless Coffee, in 2013.

Come help us kick off the spring season this Saturday night with some great tunes! Get your tickets here for $10. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Music starts at 8:00 PM.

Christian Lerchenfeld

Teitur- ‘I Was Just Thinking’

Grace & Tony- ‘November’

Caleb Groh- ‘Bottomless Coffee’

CAS September 6 - Lowland Hum - Web

Kick your weekend off in style this Friday and head on down to the west side of town for a superb lineup of folk musicians both local and on a tour stop through Nashville. We at Cause A Scene are excited to be hosting our second show at The Stone Fox, one of the hottest new local gems at which to see live music, located on the northern edge of Sylvan Park.

Lowland Hum are Daniel and Lauren Goans, a husband and wife duo formed in Greensboro, NC who have been traveling the country playing numerous house shows and other creative venues, honing their craft and sharing their gifts with all who care to listen. While the duo’s talents lie mainly in the realm of writing and performing folk music, they have also incorporated visual art elements into their performances, using hand-bound lyric books and oil burners to draw the audience in for what culminates to an incredibly intimate and interactive experience. Between their unique live performances and the release of their first full-length album, Native Air, earlier this year, Lowland Hum has begun to garner rapid and wide reception, from both casual music lovers and in the press, having been featured in The Washington Post, American Songwriter and NPR’s “First Watch”, all in the last several weeks.

Filling out the set for the evening are three talented folk singer-songwriter acts, all of which now call Nashville home. Originally from Connecticut, Caleb Groh, makes his second CAS appearance of the summer this weekend. Only writing and performing as a solo act for less than two years, Groh has turned heads and accumulated a devoted fan base, having recorded both an EP and a full-length album entitled Bottomless Coffee, which he released last year. Also earning a Boston Music Award for Folk Artist of the year in 2012, we are pumped to be welcoming Groh back to the CAS stage.

Born of musicians and growing up on a farm just south of Nashville, Heidi Feek was bred with the sort of innate ability that we seek out a Cause A Scene. With a sound that seamlessly blends the lyrical and narrative structure of the country classics she was raised on and the pop influences of her adolescence, Feek is sure to fit right in this Friday. Heidi Feek is currently in the process of finishing the follow-up album to her 2010 EP, Eden, which is due to release in the coming months.

Also a Nashville native, Casey Black will round out the evening’s lineup. Recently having moved back Nashville, Black has completed a bit of an Odyssey in his musical and personal life. The son of NSAI Hall of Fame country-songwriter Charlie Black, Casey quickly followed in his father’s footsteps, signing with EMI Music Publishing Nashville at 19, making him one of the youngest staff songwriters on Music Row. In his time with EMI however, Black lost his musical inspiration and drive and eventually left EMI and Music City. In the years that followed Black moved to Los Angeles where he continued to write and record and in time ended up in New York where he obtained his degree at Columbia University. It was in his time in NYC that Casey Black rediscovered his muse when he stumbled upon Brooklyn’s Big City Folk scene. Full of new found inspiration and a new and honest approach to songwriting, he made his way back to his hometown of Nashville, drawing his near ten years of soul searching to a close. In his time back in Nashville, Black has immersed himself back into his music, and now finds himself fresh off the release of his fourth studio record, Lay You In The Loam, which dropped just this past June. With a sound as deep and rich as his personal saga, Black is poised to put on one hell of a show.

So cancel whatever plans you may have for this Friday, because this show is going to knock your freaking socks off. Doors open at 8:30 PM and the music starts at 9:00 PM at The Stone Fox located at 712 51st Avenue North. Get your tickets here for $5 in advance. Tickets will be $8 DOS.

Christian Lerchenfeld