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Cool evening temperatures remind us that fall has arrived, but this past weekend, Nashville caught the fever… Fever Fever that is. As my first article for Cause A Scene, I had the privilege of choosing any band to write about for one of their Daily Discovery pieces.  Since I had been listening to Ohio-based Fever Fever for awhile, I knew that they were the group I wanted to showcase.  This past weekend, I was given another amazing opportunity to see this band perform at Exit/In as a part of a Slospeak Records show. If that wasn’t enough by itself, I was also invited to a secret house show.

In my earlier article, I compared Fever Fever to bands like Young the Giant and Local Natives.  After seeing them perform, I feel the need to throw all of my previously made comparisons out the window, simply because they aren’t like anyone else I’ve seen. The guys in Fever Fever played a really phenomenal set, complete with a harmonium, a flute, and a sweet lights show.  The downloads I’ve been listening to for so long don’t do this band justice by themselves.

If you’re looking for a new favorite, you should definitely give this band a listen.  You will seriously not be disappointed.
Bailey Basham

Daily Discovery: Fever Fever

Cause A Scene —  September 25, 2013 — 1 Comment

fever fever

Established in 2005 and hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Fever Fever is one group that I find frequenting all of my current fall playlists. Self-described as an ambient indie rock outfit, Fever Fever has a sound similar to that of Young the Giant, Local Natives, and Fleet Foxes. With such a wide range of comparisons offered, Vocalist Andrew Murfin works alongside the other mega-talented guys in Fever Fever to deliver a dynamic range of sound that I and many others can’t seem to get enough of. Their sound, complete with a diverse range of harmonies and worldly melodies, has definitely evolved from what they started out with. Guitarist Wes Black shared, “We started playing together in high school and it was a very classic rock inspired sound, complete with lots of guitar solos. After a couple of years we turned into more of a dance-rock band; it was heavily disco inspired, believe it or not. We spent our off-days scouring thrift stores for polyester suits and whatnot. We mostly blame the bassist of OkGo for those days.” No offense intended to Tim Nordwind.

Lovequest, released in 2009, was the start of their current sound. According to Zach Smith of the Examiner, these tracks can best be described as the “soundtrack to an epic quest,” that listening to it would make you want to “drive out to the woods, strap on a loin cloth, and run as fast as you can.” Sounds perfect, right?

Trust us when we say to go on and give Fever Fever a listen. Their most recent acoustic EP Native Color is currently available for a free download on NoiseTrade, along with their 2012 5-track EP Kingdom and the previously mentioned Lovequest on iTunes. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out their Northeastern tour schedule on Facebook and give them a like while you’re there. Fever Fever told us, “Our next EP, slated for release this November with Slospeak Records has elements of Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, Matisyahu and Coldplay; you’re really going to be impressed I think!”

Bailey Basham

Fever Fever- ‘Beautiful Dream’
Beautiful Dream (Single) by feverfever