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CALEB: CAS Preview

LarryKloess —  November 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

As a sound engineer, I went to college and was trained to listen for the best sounds possible.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much I try to EQ a drum kit or a guitar; I just have to realize that it’s never going to sound any better.  However, the band CALEB sits on an entirely different level.  Their sounds are some of the most tasteful that I have ever had a chance to work with.  From their profound, inspiring lyrics to their giant guitar tones it never gets old mixing a set.

The front man Caleb Chapman and brother/drummer Will Chapman started the band as a duo in 2010 and quickly added guitarist Scottie Mills.  Together as a three-piece,  they have released 2 excellent EPs “Trouble” and “To the Ends of the World,” and have some exciting future plans in the works that you’ll be hearing about soon.

As a friend of the dudes, it has been a great experience to see them grow as individuals and as a band.  Each of their efforts comes together and creates so much passion that is exuded from their music.  When they’re on stage and when we’re driving ten hours cross-country to play a show, it is always apparent that they love doing what they do.  I’m pumped, to say the least, to see what happens to these guys in 2013.

We had our first show with Seryn, Julia Sinclair, and Foreign Fields Tuesday night at the Bottletree in Birmingham.  Those dudes (and ladies) are a blast and we’re so excited to be sharing a few shows with them this week.

We are particularly excited about playing in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee at 12th and Porter this Saturday 11/17 . We really couldn’t be more eager to be back home playing in front of so many people we love!  It’s a real joy seeing our friends and family and hope to even see some new faces in the crowd as well.

-Riley Vasquez

Seryn: CAS Preview

Jameson —  November 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

I met Chris Semmelbeck in Midland, TX at a mutual friend’s wedding. Our conversation quickly turned to music and I found out that he was in a band. Later on in the trip, Chris showed me and a group of friends one of the songs that his band had just finished recording. The band was Seryn. The song (if I remember correctly) was “Our Love”. About 6 months after this encounter, Paste Magazine included Seryn in their Best of What’s Next.

If you’ve never seen Seryn live, you need to. It’s a surreal experience. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist, even shuffling instruments between songs. And my guess is that you’ve never heard this combination of traditional folk/bluegrass blended with anthems that could fill Madison Square Garden. The music is beautifully crafted, with sweeping landscapes of violin, banjo, and guitar over heavy percussion. When you experience Seryn, you realize quickly that you’re experiencing far more than well-crafted lyrics and melodies you can sing with. You’re experiencing an orchestra. It’s not about one voice, or one lyric, or one instrument. It’s music as a whole. It’s a comprehensive sound. With just 6 people. And each person is completely lost in the music that they are creating

It’s truly a beautiful thing.

If you haven’t seen Seryn, then you have your chance on November 17th at 12th and Porter.

You can also check them out at