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Judah & The Lion


I learned something really early on in my friendship with Nashville’s newest Americana-folk buzz band, Judah & the Lion: When these guys play a show, people show up en masse. When I booked them for a showcase in January, I had no idea what to expect from the show. I had heard their first EP, First Fruits, and enjoyed it, and had heard buzz around Belmont’s campus, but on that warmer-than-usual mid-week night in January, nothing could have prepared me for the 250+ people that packed into Red Earth Trading Co’s pop-up shop in Hillsboro Village for an old-fashioned big tent revival. After curating nearly 30 shows over the first year of Cause A Scene, we had our fair share of bands play our shows. Judah & the Lion on that night seemed to transcend them all, with a sound and performance that made it seem impossible for that show to really be one of the very first shows they had ever played.

Since then, I’ve seen them garner quite a bit of attention and well-warranted praise from their latest EP, Sweet Tennessee, with the six-track album rising to #1 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and breaking the Top 25 overall on the same platform. This week, Judah & the Lion released their brand-new video for the title track of the album, and it seems to simply reinforce the magic that this band has on stage and the fact that wherever this band plays, crowds tend to show up and fill the room. It’s a trend that shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

If you’re in Nashville, there’s a few chances to catch the band live, first at the Americana Music Festival in mid-September, again at Musician’s Corner in Centennial Park on October 12, and finally in November opening for Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors at the Cannery Ballroom. Something tells me that the vast majority of the fans and friends in this video will be at all three.

- Larry Kloess

CAS May 19 - Judah and the Lion

Come join us tomorrow night back at 5008 Longstreet Dr. for house show that is sure to ring in the oncoming summer season. Headlining the evening is Nahville-based folk trio, Judah & the Lion and their band. Fresh off the heels of the release of their second EP, Sweet Tennessee, singer Judah Akers, banjo player Nate Zuercher and mandolinist Brian Macdonald are quickly making waves among the americana-folk scene, only having formed the band in December of 2011. With a blend of roots-based folk instrumentals and raw and grounded lyricism, Judah & the Lion aim to provide honest and relatable music for all who care to listen.

Adding to the fun, we are privileged to bring you two cross-country acts, who are garnering big buzz nationwide. SHEL are a folk-pop quartet from Fort Collins, CO comprised of sisters Sarah, Hannah, Evan and Liza Holbrook. Having just released their first full length album, self-titled SHEL in 2012, the Holbrook sisters are no strangers to Nashville, having played Music City Roots and other local venues. From even further west comes California transplant and singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle. Originally form Atlanta, GA, Lyle possesses a folk-pop sound reminiscent of the south. Tyler comes to Nashville on the heels of the release his Expatriates EP, his follow up 2012 full length album, Golden Age & Silver Girl. Tickets for Sunday’s show can be purchased here for $10.

Judah & the Lion- ‘Love Your Love’


Tyler Lyle- ‘Anyhow’


Join us this upcoming Monday, back at 5008 Longstreet, for an evening to remember. Cause A Scene is proud to be hosting Austin’s The Trishas, a four-piece unit comprised of Jamie Wilson, Liz Foster, Kelley MickWee and Savannah Welch. Each of the four lend a vocal singularity that melt together to form twisting harmonies, giving nods to blues, folk and bluegrass, creating a sound and musical identity that has become a must know throughout Texas, and for beyond.

Starting out the evening on a high note, we will be privilege of hearing from fellow Nashvillian, Neal Carpenter. With a pair of such talent, Monday evening will surely be a lineup not to be missed. Tickets can be purchase here in advance for $10. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door.

The Trishas- ‘Trouble About My Soul’


File the Birmingham-based band, War Jacket, under the heading “Bands We Haven’t Hosted Yet But Can’t Wait To Host”. We’ve known Caleb Chancey, the leader of this orchestral-folk act for several years, and it’s been inspiring to say the least to watch as his band has grown over that time to keep up with his own artistic ambition. With a voice that calls to mind greats like Damien Jurado, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine and even at times the otherworldly Anthony Hegarty of Anthony & The Johnson’s.

It’s still hard to pin down War Jacket’s sound, as there are elements of classical, folk, baroque pop and post-rock seamlessly intertwined. No more apparent is this than on their song “Water Wings”, which the band released a video for via NoiseTrade today. It’s a beautifully shot video that encapsulates the order and chaos present in the song. Just wait until the strings come in around 2:00 and the full band rises to the occasion about 3:15 into the song. It’s chilling. It’s moving. It’s exactly what you would expect from one of Birmingham’s finest up-and-coming bands.

BONUS: If you head over to NoiseTrade, you can also download their brand new album, “Spring Hollow Sessions” for FREE. Happy listening!

Carousel Promo

Show of hands: Who is ready for this long winter to be over and spring and all its glory to officially be upon us? Raise them high. Oh wow, that seems to be an overwhelming majority. Well, we’re all in luck, because not only does there seem to be just a touch more warmth in the air this week, but San Francisco’s Carousel brings us their synth-laden, long-day-at-the-beach-without-a-care-in-the-world inspired single “Another Day” to us today, just in time to soundtrack these longer, sunnier days ahead of us. For fans of the chiller side of Phoenix, Passion Pit, and Wild Cub, this band is a must-listen. Sit back, relax, and let the breeziness of the track wash over you and take away any memory of the past few chilly months keeping you confined to the indoors, and enjoy the sunshine.

We’re also really pleased to be playing host to the band for their first Nashville stop on Monday, April 15. We’ve been wanting to have an upbeat electronic/pop/dance house show for ages now, and in only a short couple weeks, that dream will become a reality with Carousel, Young Islands, and Pocono bringing Music City all the fun we can handle for one night of music. Check out “Another Day” here, then be sure to purchase your tickets for their show here.