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2012 has been an unbelievably busy (and just plain fun!) year for Cause A Scene with us recently eclipsing the 25 house show mark. Out of all the shows we’ve hosted, there is 1 that has possibly excited us more than any other to be able to host, and that show is taking place a week from today with Elenowen, Seth Wood, and Parke Avery set to take the living room stage at Cause A Scene HQ. Tickets are going like hotcakes and we fully anticipate a sellout prior to the day of the show. Moral of the story: if you’re planning on coming to the house show next Friday night, use the handy-dandy Eventbrite link below to purchase your tickets. Also, be on the lookout next week on Elenowen’s social media channels for a special ticket giveaway we’ll be doing. Hope to see you next Friday night at the house!

Need more convincing? Well then check out my personal favorite “Head to My Heart” below. I challenge you to not be moved by this song!

Photo by Jamie Clayton Photography.

It’s called ‘chemistry’, an elusive quality that can be part history, part mystery and all intangible until the moment that you feel it. It’s a meant-to-be melding of the emotional and creative that can happen between songwriters, performers, best friends or life partners. For Josh and Nicole Johnson – the duo Elenowen – that connection is all of the above and much more. And on their self-titled EP, the chemistry they share is as rare – and real – as it gets.

Though emerging from the same Nashville-based Americana-folk scene as The Civil Wars, Elenowen deliver a sonic glow all their own. Amidst haunting harmonies and elegiac lyrics, their songs flow with an undercurrent of yearning, surrender and unexpectedly sharp edges. “We strive to maintain a certain vulnerability in our music,” Josh says. “We write a lot about our own lives as well as the truths about relationships that we relate to. We think it creates an intimacy that’s totally connected to the music.” The sound itself is roots-driven, with accents of cello and pedal steel cutting a deeply evocative facet. Even the name Elenowen is an authentic nod to heritage, with Ellen being Josh’s mom’s middle name and Owen being the middle name of Nicole’s dad. “They’re the sides of the family we each got our music from,” explains Josh. “What’s in our hearts will always come out in what we do.”
When we first started Cause A Scene, one of the artists we immediately said “Man, it would be amazing to get them” about was Elenowen. Josh and Nicole’s aforementioned chemistry and flawless harmonies had us wrapped around their fingers. When we unexpectedly witnessed them perform an impromptu acoustic set at Seth Wood’s Kickstarter party, our resolve to have them play in the living room was even further resolved. If you’ve somehow missed this couple’s gorgeous harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room left for you to join. On December 7th, you’ll have your chance.
Photo of Seth Wood by Zia Dunya.
Seth headlined a Cause A Scene house show this past spring and captivated the audience with every note. He recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign and will be releasing his new EP in the coming months. We’re chomping at the bit He’s a phenomenal musician and an even better guy. We really couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on this bill.
 Parke Avery closed out the night of our very first Cause A Scene “Collective” show in late March of this year (that was only our 4th show ever – WOW how the time has flown by!). On that night following Parke’s spellbinding performance, we vowed to ourselves that we would have Parke back for another show, and we’re now doing our best to control our exuberance to have him on this bill. Expecting big things from this one!

When: Friday, December 7th; Doors at 7:30; Show at 8:00
Where: Cause A Scene HQ (5008 Longstreet Drive, Brentwood)
Additional Details: $10 Advance Tickets via Eventbrite; Parking available across the street in the church parking lot. BYOB.

The websites PledgeMusic and Kickstarter have been receiving a lot of pub lately, and rightfully so. With many recognizable acts joining the ranks of bands and artists looking to fans to help fund their latest releases and projects, both noteworthy sites have become viable options for artists to put together enough capital to give the world their music, while also rewarding fans in the process.

At Cause A Scene, we’re all about helping out the independent artists, and with that, we bring you the second edition in our monthly series of posts highlighting some of our favorite artists that are currently looking to fund their latest projects. Show them some love, won’t you?


63% of Target Pledged | 8 Days Left

Back in April we had the fortunate opportunity to have Seth Wood play at a house show and we were hooked on his music early on. He’s wrapping up a Kickstarter campaign with about a week to go and close to a third of his goal left to raise. Highly recommend going to his Kickstarter page ASAP and making a pledge to help Seth release his EP. For $250, you and a friend can attend a listening party hosted by Seth himself.


58% of Target Pledged | 19 Days Left

We’re re-featuring Nashville songstress Angel Snow this month after seeing her make a surprise appearance at the recent Communion showcase at The Basement. She has a singular voice that demands to be heard, and in last Thursday’s show, she exhibited unbelievable poise when the sound system had some major issues and she opted to play the rest of her set unplugged. A lesser artist may have been phased, but Angel Snow took it all in stride and wowed the audience anyway. She is releasing her new album this fall, but needs some more help in order to do so. Among the exclusive items available are 2 VIP tickets + meet/greet passes to a show in 2012 for $50 and the chance to introduce the band from the stage at a show for $75. What makes this project even cooler, is that Angel is donating 10% of the money raised to the American Cancer Society.

That’s all we’ve got for this month as the other artists/projects we really dig have 55+ days left in their pledge campaigns. We’ll have them up first thing in September. So if you’re feeling generous, we hope you’ll throw some support the way of two fantastic Nashville artists.