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cereus bright

Finishing off this month’s Communion Artist Spotlight, in anticipation for tonight’s Communion Nashville Christmas Special, is a band who has quickly become one of our favorite new artists here at CAS in only a mere few months. Having played two Cause A Scene shows in 2013, Cereus Bright, a folk duo from Knoxville, TN is a band that is quickly shaking up the folk music scene, shying away from current indie folk-pop and digging up the roots of the historically rich genre.

Comprised of Tyler Anthony (lead vocals, guitar, piano) and Evan Ford (lead guitar, mandolin, backup vocals), Cereus Bright has in a very short period of time developed a sound a sound and identity that is grounded in simplistic melodies and complex and meaningful lyricism that ode the themes found in the folk tunes of yesteryear. In just two years time, the pair has been writing nonstop, released two EPs and played show after show in any cramped venue or coffee shop across the greater Southeast that would let them bust open their guitar cases, and the work is certainly beginning to pay off.

In the time that Anthony and Ford have been writing and playing together, they have garnered a rapidly growing fan base and began to receive national attention following the release of their first EP, Goldmine, in November of 2012. The band recently released their sophomore EP, Happier Than Me, just last month, from which the track “Stella” was their second song to be featured in Volvo’s “Joyride” campaign.

See Cereus Bright tonight along with Milktooth, Joseph Arthur, Rosco Bandana and Josephine and the Wildfront at The High Watt on Cannery Row, at the Nashville Communion December Club Night. It is going to be a festive occasion ripe with great music and the tackiest of sweaters. The music begins at 7:30 PM and tickets are only $5.

Christian Lerchenfeld

Cereus Bright- ‘Chattanooga’

josephine- half mermaids(1)

Though many of the songs on Josephine & The Wild Front’s 2013 EP, Swallowed by the Ocean, were written years ago, when singer Josephine Moore was performing solo, it wasn’t until fairly recently that Moore’s current band coalesced.

After writing many of the songs on the EP and performing them as a solo artist, Moore joined a band called Holy Coast, as a singer and rhythm guitarist; the bands other members included drummer Preston Vaughn and keyboardist Krista Glover. When Holy Coast was dissolved, Moore, Vaughn and Glover decided to forge on with their own project, which became Josephine and the Wildfront. They would soon be joined by bass player Devan Köchersperger.

Over the past few months, Moore and the band have had several high points, including having a release party for their EP at Little Shop of Records in Murfreesboro, playing a show in Knoxville and being The Deli’s Artist of the Month in August.

Recently though, Josephine & the Wildfront have experienced one big setback—the ruin of the band’s main synthesizer after it was fried when they plugged it in while setting up for a show. They’ve reached out to fans, asking for support through show attendance and merchandise purchases to help fund the replacement of the Minimoog Voyager that was such a pivotal part of the band’s dream pop sound.

You can hear Josephine & the Wildfront on Wednesday, December 12th at Nashville’s Communion Christmas Special at the High Watt. Also playing are Joseph Arthur (featuring Mike Mills of R.E.M. and Bill Dobrow), Milktooth, Rosco Bandana and Cereus Bright.

Meagan Lawson


Back in 2010, when Gulfport, Mississippi based band Rosco Bandana first formed, this group of gifted vocalists and insanely talented instrumentalists was probably unaware of what would be in store for them after just a year of playing music together.  In 2011, they entered the Hard Rock Calling contest, where more than 12,000 other hopeful bands were also vying to be the first group signed to Hard Rock Records.  After much hard work sweating it out and making a name for themselves on little Mississippi stages, Rosco Bandana won the contest and landed their first deal.

It was really difficult to find a comparison for this seven-piece group. Once you think you have their sound figured out, they’ll jump in with some major sevenths or throw out an early Dylan-esque sound, all while still maintaining their layered blend of folk, Americana, and rock with southern flair.  As a lover of a good mandolin and powerful female vocalists, Rosco Bandana has got me absolutely hooked.  Their debut album Time to Begin showcases all the things I feel a good indie folk album should: harmonic vocals, story telling, just the right amount mandolin and banjo, and the ability to throw in some bluesy guitar without making anyone question anything.

To get you both in the Christmas and Communion Show spirit, go ahead and buy your ticket while you listen to Rosco Bandana’s latest offering: a Hard Rock Records produced cover of Winter Wonderland.

Bailey Basham

Rosco Bandana- ‘Woe Is Me’

joseph arthur

Joseph Arthur’s latest album, The Ballad of Boogie Christ Act 2, saw him collaborating with a long list of recognizable names, including the Band’s pianist Garth Hudson, former Ryan Adams & the Cardinals bass player Catherine Popper, and Golden Smog member and former Jayhawks guitarist Kraig Jarret Johnson. For his upcoming date playing at The High Watt for the Communion Nashville show, he’ll be pulling out the big guns again and playing with Mike Mills of R.E.M. and Bill Dobrow.

The Ballad of Boogie Christ Act 2, which Arthur is currently on a world tour in support of, is the second album in a planned trilogy. The album has been described as “psychedelic soul” and Arthur has said the first two albums of the trilogy are unlike anything he’s done before.

Act 2 was released on Black Friday as an Official Record Store Day release, the first installment having been released in June. It is one of more than eleven albums and ten EPs that Arthur has put out since being signed to Real World Records by Peter Gabriel in the mid ‘90s.

Arthur’s albums are often recognized for their artwork, which he does himself. In 1999, he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording Package for the extended version of his EP, Vacancy.

The Nashville Communion show, which Arthur will be participating in, will be held at the Mercy Lounge on Thursday, December 12th and will also feature performances from Milktooth, Rosco Bandana, Cereus Bright and Josephine & The Wild Front. Get your tickets here for $5.

Meagan Lawson

Joseph Arthur- ‘I Used To Know How To Walk On Water’

Upon hearing the name of this Nashville-based band, I was intrigued as to how a group with a name such as Milktooth would sound.  After listening to a few tracks from their latest EP Wild Before Our Eyes and several of their covers, I was even more interested.  I probably spent a good hour just listening to the soulful vocals and haunting arrangements.
Having been deemed “mesmerizing” by NPR and drawing comparisons from veterans like The Walkmen and Arcade Fire, Milktooth’s sound ranges anywhere from noise-rock to indie folk.  While I was listening to their newest EP Wild Before Our Eyes, I couldn’t find a specific genre to group them into, which I really loved by he way.  There were some elements of alt-rock, tons of indie influences, a bit of synth-pop here and there, and then they would go acoustic on me, breaking out the violin and layered harmonics.  There is a definitive art to every track they put together, lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally.
Writing for Cause A Scene has brought some really killer bands into my musical repertoire, and Milktooth is no exception.  This band is another new favorite of mine strictly due to the originality and artistry of the things they put together in a song.  Be sure to check them out Noisetrade and iTunes, and get your Communion ticket soon!
Bailey Basham

Milktooth- ‘Wild Before Your Eyes’