Communion Artist Spotlight: Milktooth

Cause A Scene —  December 6, 2013 — Leave a comment
Upon hearing the name of this Nashville-based band, I was intrigued as to how a group with a name such as Milktooth would sound.  After listening to a few tracks from their latest EP Wild Before Our Eyes and several of their covers, I was even more interested.  I probably spent a good hour just listening to the soulful vocals and haunting arrangements.
Having been deemed “mesmerizing” by NPR and drawing comparisons from veterans like The Walkmen and Arcade Fire, Milktooth’s sound ranges anywhere from noise-rock to indie folk.  While I was listening to their newest EP Wild Before Our Eyes, I couldn’t find a specific genre to group them into, which I really loved by he way.  There were some elements of alt-rock, tons of indie influences, a bit of synth-pop here and there, and then they would go acoustic on me, breaking out the violin and layered harmonics.  There is a definitive art to every track they put together, lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally.
Writing for Cause A Scene has brought some really killer bands into my musical repertoire, and Milktooth is no exception.  This band is another new favorite of mine strictly due to the originality and artistry of the things they put together in a song.  Be sure to check them out Noisetrade and iTunes, and get your Communion ticket soon!
Bailey Basham

Milktooth- ‘Wild Before Your Eyes’

Cause A Scene


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