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Since we’re left completely speechless from this video, we’ll let it speak for itself…

This past Friday night, we were all treated to a heartwarming, spine-tingling performance from the sisters of Joseph at Ausden Inc., one of the most incredible rooms in town for experiencing live acoustic music. Before the show, we were able to capture the girls performing “Tell Me There’s A Garden” off their debut album, “Native Dreamer Kin”, courtesy of our good friend Joe Gomez, who was generous enough to come film the takeaway video at the last minute.

Seeing Joseph perform a cappella prior to soundcheck what indicative of everything that was to come the rest of the night. Best of luck containing the goosebumps that are sure to appear on your arms once you hear this.


I love great music. I love Cause A Scene because everyone at CAS loves great music too.  As a writer for CAS and a regular reader of the site, I am often introduced to really awesome music and sometimes I get to talk with the cool people who make it.  One of the latest of these greats is the band Joseph, an Oregon-bred and Oregon-based band of sisters with “honest words and genetically perfected harmonies.”


Drawing inspiration from their lives and being on the road, sisters Natalie, Allison, and Meegan write their songs with the goal to be as true and real as possible.  “We try to sing about stuff that feels true, and usually the truest things- the things you feel in your guts- are the things other people are feeling too.”  Natalie also shared with me that the stories of the people they have met on the road lend a great deal of inspiration as well.  “It’s been crazy to realize how human longing and hope is the same throughout.” 


I am so excited to share with fellow CAS readers the beauty that is Joseph and their music.  If I were to give you any sort of comparison, I would say that Joseph is for fans of The Lone Bellow and First Aid Kit, but honestly, this group is just for fans of really good, honest music. If that’s the kind of thing you’re into, go ahead over and follow them on Instagram (it’s their favorite) @thebandjoseph and then to iTunes and download their album Native Dreamer Kin (it will be your favorite).

– Bailey Basham


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