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Cause A Scene Compilation - Album Artwork

If you’re new to Cause A Scene, the story goes something like this: What started as a very small house concert series in a living room south of Nashville just a little over four years ago blossomed to nearly 200 shows in pop-up locations all over the city featuring nearly 700 artists, including The Lone Bellow, Noah Gundersen, Foy Vance, Ben Kweller, Anderson East and many more. Frankly, the last four years barely feel real with how everything has transpired and truly exceeded all of our initial dreams and then some.

For everyone who’s been paying attention on Instagram, you know that we’ve been teasing a big announcement coming for the past couple weeks, and finally the big day is here…

Today, for the first time ever, we are thrilled to present a compilation album bringing together 40 Cause A Scene artists who have each been a part of this movement and whose music we simply cannot get enough of. We’ve partnered with our friends at NoiseTrade to present a handpicked set of songs, featuring The Oh HellosKris AllenJudah & the LionDavid RamirezElenowen and a few dozen more.

There’s a little bit of everything here for music lovers of all kinds, featuring many unreleased songs, live recordings and plenty of fan favorites. And the best part? There’s probably an artist or two or several on here you’ll be hearing for the very first time, and that’s what excites us the most. Our mission since the beginning has been about bringing together community in order to discover and appreciate burgeoning artists, and we’re thrilled to further that mission with this very first compilation (of hopefully many to come).



I don’t know about you, but I was slightly devastated in 2009 when Copeland announced their break-up. Their first album, Beneath the Medicine Tree, changed my musical pallet my senior year of high school, and each album after that continued to do the same. In slight disbelief, I bought tickets to their farewell tour and hoped they would change their minds.

After almost exactly four years of silence (their final show was April 10, 2010), there was news – on April Fool’s Day, social media revealed they would be reuniting for a fifth album. Conversations with friends all day revolved around this topic: was this a cruel prank or a poorly timed announcement? Luckily for their fans, it’s the latter.

As of April 1st, the band has released the song and video for “Ordinary”, which will be feature on their upcoming reunion album, Ixora, on theirwebsite. Text in the midst of the music video is where the official announcement lives: “We have reunited to make the 5th Copeland album. This will be our first new music in 6 years. Thank you for your support through the years.”

Another note of gratitude to the fans is noted on their website, “The encouraging messages and requests for a new album never stopped after our farewell tour in 2010. We are extremely honored by this and hope you love what we create.”

Unlike their previous albums, this record will be made independent of a label – therefore the funding from the album is coming directly from the pre-orders made on the website. This is essentially a crowd-funding project without the title – but with such a dedicated fan base (who have been anticipating a reunion for years), I have no doubt they’ll be extremely successful in this endeavor.

I’m very much looking forward to more eerie melodies and beautiful piano tunes, which “Ordinary” is already boasting. Even more so, I’m excited to see how these talented musicians have been influenced in the last four years, and plan on wowing us all once again.

The band anticipates Ixora will be released in October.

Renee Olson


The  video for this Brooklyn based trio’s new single, “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” could not capture the essence of the song more perfectly. An anthem of hope and free spiritedness, The Lone Bellow‘s most recent single from their 2013 debut self titled album harnesses the heart and soul of who they are as artists. Anchored by the deeply personal and folk influenced songwriting of front man Zach Williams, and propelled by the band’s arena worthy presence, “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” boldly represents what was arguably my favorite album of 2013.

The video premiered earlier today on Gigwise while the band is currently across the pond touring the UK.

Christian Lerchenfeld


For some bands, it takes a career to prove that they have the chops to prove they know what rock ‘n roll is all about. For recent Nashville transplants Cardboard Kids, it takes them just over two and a half minutes to cement their status as one of Nashville’s most promising young rock acts.

“Dime A Time Lover”, the second single from the band’s upcoming debut release Echo Boomer (out May 20) brings a soulful, garage rock swagger from start to finish that feels at once immediate but brings a fresh sound not often heard from Nashville acts, except maybe from a certain Mr. White at Third Man Records.

The track opens with a repetitive, hypnotic guitar riff from Austin Cunningham before front man Jake Germany hooks the listener in with his soulful swagger and infectious melodies, with the incomparable Ruby Amanfu making her presence felt on background vocals.

The highlight of the whole track, though, is about 1:30 of the way through when the song propels forward with Cunningham and drummer Brandon McFarlin’s wall of sound takes over and turns this into all-out rock anthem, and a gem of a “garage soul” song for the dancing crowd.

With spring just around the corner, and with Cardboard Kids set to release Echo Boomer into the wild this May, this band seems like one who is poised to take over your car’s stereo speakers this summer with windows down and the volume turned all the way up.

If you’re looking to catch these guys live, you’ll get your chance this Sunday night at the Basement for a free show also featuring Golden Youth, Coyote Talk, Sam Hunter, and Everyman.

– Larry Kloess


File the Birmingham-based band, War Jacket, under the heading “Bands We Haven’t Hosted Yet But Can’t Wait To Host”. We’ve known Caleb Chancey, the leader of this orchestral-folk act for several years, and it’s been inspiring to say the least to watch as his band has grown over that time to keep up with his own artistic ambition. With a voice that calls to mind greats like Damien Jurado, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine and even at times the otherworldly Anthony Hegarty of Anthony & The Johnson’s.

It’s still hard to pin down War Jacket’s sound, as there are elements of classical, folk, baroque pop and post-rock seamlessly intertwined. No more apparent is this than on their song “Water Wings”, which the band released a video for via NoiseTrade today. It’s a beautifully shot video that encapsulates the order and chaos present in the song. Just wait until the strings come in around 2:00 and the full band rises to the occasion about 3:15 into the song. It’s chilling. It’s moving. It’s exactly what you would expect from one of Birmingham’s finest up-and-coming bands.

BONUS: If you head over to NoiseTrade, you can also download their brand new album, “Spring Hollow Sessions” for FREE. Happy listening!