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Anyone who has seen the Austin,TX based Penny And Sparrow perform live can attest to the raw emotional power that they possess using nothing more than two harmonious voices and an acoustic guitar or two. The duo comprised of Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke spin songs of love fought for, love lost and love redeemed, and on a warm night in March, we all fell a bit more in love with their music.

Penny And Sparrow were no stranger to the Cause A Scene stage, playing one of their very first shows ever outside the state of Texas with CAS in early 2013 and returning to play a Communion show a year or so later. Witnessing this band go from having 50 people show up in a small East Nashville studio to packing out a 350-capacity church, The Anchor, close to downtown was a sight to behold. Joining the duo that evening were Alex Page and Chris Jacobie, who brought layers and textures to Penny And Sparrow’s music that we had only heard on their records but had never witnessed live.

This performance of “Rattle”, filmed by Stephen Stonestreet and his team, was one of the many highlights of a night that left us all inspired and slack-jawed at the beauty of the music they create together. Get ready for the goosebumps, people, because this is simply gorgeous.


For some bands, it takes a career to prove that they have the chops to prove they know what rock ‘n roll is all about. For recent Nashville transplants Cardboard Kids, it takes them just over two and a half minutes to cement their status as one of Nashville’s most promising young rock acts.

“Dime A Time Lover”, the second single from the band’s upcoming debut release Echo Boomer (out May 20) brings a soulful, garage rock swagger from start to finish that feels at once immediate but brings a fresh sound not often heard from Nashville acts, except maybe from a certain Mr. White at Third Man Records.

The track opens with a repetitive, hypnotic guitar riff from Austin Cunningham before front man Jake Germany hooks the listener in with his soulful swagger and infectious melodies, with the incomparable Ruby Amanfu making her presence felt on background vocals.

The highlight of the whole track, though, is about 1:30 of the way through when the song propels forward with Cunningham and drummer Brandon McFarlin’s wall of sound takes over and turns this into all-out rock anthem, and a gem of a “garage soul” song for the dancing crowd.

With spring just around the corner, and with Cardboard Kids set to release Echo Boomer into the wild this May, this band seems like one who is poised to take over your car’s stereo speakers this summer with windows down and the volume turned all the way up.

If you’re looking to catch these guys live, you’ll get your chance this Sunday night at the Basement for a free show also featuring Golden Youth, Coyote Talk, Sam Hunter, and Everyman.

– Larry Kloess