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Drew Holcomb

One of my favorite things about living in Nashville is hearing so many amazing artists making great music and thinking, “just wait til the rest of the world hears this”. For those of us here in Nashville who are fans of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, we’ve been waiting a long time. With Chasing Someday, that breakthrough began to happen. Last Tuesday, that it hit like a whirlwind as the band’s newest effort Good Light, found it’s way into the iTunes Top 10.

Good Light is the record we’ve always wanted from Drew and his neighborly posse. Sonically, they’ve departed from the big production of Chasing Someday to a more sparse sound. Bluesy guitar, pedal steel, and melodic piano parts blend together nicely. Embracing this Americana/alt-country vibe leaves so much more room for Drew and Ellie’s vocal chemistry, which, if you’ve seen them live, you know that’s an amazing thing!

More importantly though, it draws your attention to the songwriting. The Holcombs have always been gifted at writing hopeful songs. In Good Light, it seems that they’ve mastered that, with songs that are so very true to the human experience, but taking that pain and sorrow and creating a place where light can seep through the cracks. “Is it possible to be happy and be human?” Holcomb asks, and then immediately follows with “certainly, but not without the pain”. It’s this unromanticized optimism and dreaming that makes this record so inspiring. Yes, there will be hardship, yes there will be sorrow, but you can still find joy within that. And coming from someone who has worked so hard to be where he is now, these songs carry a weight. They’re more than just words crafted together, and it’s spectacular.

There’s nothing better than watching good people, who make good music, succeed. It’s been fun to see these guys do that!

– Jameson Elder

Here’s a brilliant acoustic version of “Tennessee” off of ‘Good Light’. Can’t wait to see the band perform this at Bonnaroo this year!

Here at Cause A Scene, we’re always glad to celebrate our friends that are going to great measures to change the world. Our friends at Nisolo shoes are doing just that by selling shoes that help create jobs and provide quality education to impoverished communities around the world. They currently make shoes in Peru, which in their own words they envision “serving as a springboard for impoverished entrepreneurs around the globe.”

This Friday night, we’re glad to partner with Nisolo for their Nashville launch party. In typical Cause A Scene fashion, we’ve brought along a few of our musician friends to play at the event: Jessica Campbell, Jameson Elder, Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles and Quinn Erwin. The gathering is free and begins at 6:00 and runs ’til 10:00 with music throughout. More details can be found at the Facebook event page. And while you’re here, check out the video below to learn a bit more about what Nisolo is doing to change the world for the better.

NISOLO VIDEO from Nisolo on Vimeo.

Over the course of the first 14 house shows we have had the pleasure of hosting at Cause A Scene HQ, few have remain so fully ingrained in my memory like our first Collective show back in March. It feels like ages ago despite only a little over three months time elapsing. For me it was the first time getting to hear most of the artists perform, many of which have become good friends since that show. That night holds a very special place in my heart, not just for the memory of the actual experience itself, but for the tours and co-writes and creative connections that came out of that show. That night was the perfect illustration of what we are trying to achieve with Cause A Scene: build a magnificently dynamic music community of people who believe in something much bigger than themselves. Part One also happened to be one of the most well-attended shows we’ve ever had with people unfortunately stuck on the back porch looking through the windows trying to catch a glimpse of the incomparable performances taking place inside.

Now we have the distinct privilege of hosting not 10, but 11, incredible artists who seem to get better and better each time I listen to them play and who have very strong careers ahead of them. We are on pace to set an attendance record with this show, and I think after watching the videos below, the reason why will become very clear.

But first, if you’re planning on attending but haven’t RSVPed yet, please email and we’ll get the event details to you ASAP. Advance RSVPs are available through the end of Thursday for $5 at the door. We will also have a small amount of tickets available at the door for $10. And now, without any further ado, I give you the Cause A Scene Collective: