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Matthew and the Atlas Promo

It almost seems unfair to call Matthew and the Atlas‘ new single Everything That Dies a “daily discovery” as he’s been a Cause A Scene favorite since 2009 and played a sold out house show last November, but this track has the self-assurance and rawness of Matthew Hegarty turning over a brand new leaf. As his chorus washes over you it feels like a rebirth even: “You said everyone you know one day will surely die. But everything that dies in some way returns

On his first two EPs, “To The North” and “Kingdom Of Your Own”, there was certainly a warm richness felt throughout Matthew’s raw, folk ballads, sounding right at home around a campfire with your best friends. They were albums that could seemingly stoke the fire in your heart to keep you warm through long, brutal winter months.

Everything That Dies is an entirely different animal. The track slowly builds momentum from its ominous opening over the course of four and a half minutes. The most striking feature is the lack of acoustic instruments on a song by an artist known for his folk and Americana sensibilities. This may sound like a stretch to pull off, but Matthew and his backing back pull it off without a hitch.

When Matthew played in our living room late last fall, it was readily apparent that with the sheer amount of heart and force behind his singing that he possessed a sound for much bigger stages. If Everything That Dies and the forthcoming debut LP are any indication, there’s a great chance we’ll be cashing our chips on that bet very soon.

– Larry Kloess

Matthew Hegarty aka Matthew & The Atlas takes a dreamy, textured take on Americana and filters it through his extraordinarily bruised and affecting voice. As a key member of the new folk scene emerging from London in the early part of this decade, he is a revered – almost cult – figure among his fellow artists, while continuing to fly beneath the mainstream radar.
Supported by a five-piece band, 2010/11 saw him release two acclaimed EPs on Communion Records (the young and influential indie label that has been home to Ben Howard, Daughter, Gotye, Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Foster and others) and play to a steadily growing – and increasingly evangelical – live audience in the UK.
M&TA also toured the US twice in 2011 – once supporting Mumford & Sons and once on a headline run (including a sold out show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge), and in 2012 has toured the UK and Europe with Grammy winners The Civil Wars. M&TA’s much anticipated debut album is due in 2013.

John Fullbright is a young man who finds love, beauty and pain in the here and now, but skepticism and disdain for those that would look past the world or take advantage of the dreams of those hoping for a better world. That he can articulate his worldview with an almost otherworldly precocity makes his debut studio album From The Ground Up worthy of attention. From the fertile ground of Oklahoma, another songwriting legend may be blooming.

“I have no doubt that in a short time, John Fullbright will be a household name in American music.” – Jimmy Webb

Additional details can be found on the House Show page.