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Joining the likes of Tennis, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats and On An On at Nashville’s Communion showcase this Thursday at Mercy Lounge is VITEK, a local Nashville band who has begun to drum up significant buzz, both within the confines of the Music City scene and far beyond. Possessing a fun and upbeat electro-pop sound, VITEK infuses saxophones, rock ‘ roll riffs and hints of funk that give the band a unique musical identity that is truly their own.

VITEK are also great friends of ours here at Cause A Scene. We were fortunate enough to present the release show for their single “Sunbird” at The Basement this past May, which drew a packed house and also assisted in presenting the first Party 2 Provide, an annual benefit concert at the East Centric Pavilion that they founded and headlined. The proceeds of the first P2P this year went to Mental Health America of Tennessee, featured four other talented bands and was vastly successful The band has also recently been featured as Lightning 100’s “Local Artist of the Week.”

VITEK is currently in the studio, working on a new full-length album that is scheduled to release in 2014. With a live presence that emits a hypnotic and entrancing energy that will get you groovin’, VITEK will certainly set a precedent at Mercy Lounge tomorrow night.

Christian Lerchenfeld

VITEK- ‘Sunbird’

CAS September 7 - Party to Provide (P2P)

If you are looking for the best party in town this weekend while also benefiting a great cause, then you are going to want to get your ass down to the East-Centric Pavilion this Saturday night. Cause A Scene is partnering with Jackalope Brewing Company and Lightning 100 to bring you an evening full of great music and the best tasting beer in town. We at Cause A Scene are honored to be a part of the first Party to Provide (or P2P), an annual party and concert created by the headlining act of the evening, VITEK, which will benefit a different local charity each year. All proceeds of the first P2P will benefit Mental Health America of Middle Tennessee, a non-profit organization that has been providing services to the Middle Tennessee community for over 66 years. If that and the lineup of music we have in store you aren’t enough to get your blood pumping, each 21+ attendee will receive two free Jackalope pints and several local area food trucks will also be on sight to make the party that much better!

Headlining the evening’s stellar bill are the masterminds behind this wonderful event, our good friends VITEK. VITEK are a Nashville-based band with a catchy electro-pop sound that will get the party groovin’ this Saturday night. The band played their first CAS show back in May at The Basement and we at CAS have been aching to work with them again ever since. We could not have hoped for a better opportunity! VITEK is quickly infecting the greater Nashville populous with foot-tapping beats and entrancing melodies and are sure to put on one heck of a party.

Two more Cause A Scene vets will be joining VITEK in the evening’s lineup, Casa Castile and Pocono. Both bands are also based in Nashville and while aesthetically very different, both bands perform with a pop-rock sound that is within the same vein as VITEK’s music.

Also on deck for the event’s long list of talent are another band the calls Music City home, Summer Buttons, and ambient-folk duo, And the Giraffe. Touring the Southeast in promotion of their latest EP, Creature Collector, I think we here at CAS speak for all parties involved when we say we are proud to have this Gainesville, FL-based based band here in Nashville to play alongside a fantastic group of performers, all playing for such a great cause.

This party is starting early, but that doesn’t mean it’s ending early. The East-Centric doors open at 5:00 PM and the festivities start at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Christian Lerchenfeld

VITEK- ‘Sunbird’

Casa Castile- ‘Desert Cat’

Pocono- ‘Change Is a’comin’

And the Giraffe- ‘Of the Moment’


Local favorites, VITEK, have a brand new single out today called ‘Sunbird’ that I simply can’t get enough of. Between feeling the crud today and taking a sick day and the dreary rain outside, I needed an upbeat synth-laden track to get me up out of bed, get my feet moving and my hips shaking. VITEK simply wants you to get your feet tapping, your head bobbing and your whole body dancing, and they fully execute on that plan with this track. You can hear it on Lightning 100 starting today for the the Local 615.

Also, in really exciting news…Cause A Scene will be presenting VITEK’s album release on June 1!!! So pumped to be working with Gabrahm and the rest of the band on this show and feel honored that they reached out to make it a Cause A Scene show. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details as they surface. For now, all I can promise you is this: It’s going to be a blast and you WILL dance.

– Larry Kloess