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Levi Weaver: CAS Preview

Jameson —  November 13, 2012 — Leave a comment

Levi Weaver

Let me start with a very bold statement: Levi might beone of the best lyricists of this generation of musicians. I’ll stand by that as long as I have to.

Levi also has one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts out there.

If those 2 things haven’t caught your attention then I don’t know what will…

The first time I saw Levi perform was at a house show near Little 5 Points in Atlanta. We were acquaintances, and he had asked me to come open up the night. I knew very little of Levi’s music other than what I had heard from friends who knew him. From the moment Levi took the stage, I was completely captivated. He does this whole looping thing that’s pretty incredible, but what struck me most was the songs! Levi has the gift, or curse, of telling the story of the heart of humanity. He’s a philosopher poet, bringing intelligent commentary on existential thought and the human experience.

Levi’s most recent full length record, The Letters of Dr. Kurt Godel, is a hefty 15 tracks deep. Intricately crafted to highlight the lyrics and characters that Levi has created, this album delves into a great search for truth and purpose. Whether it’s wrestling with a struggle for morality in “Good and Evil”, or running away from the past in “I Am Certain I’m A Train”, Levi

His most recent release, I Am Only a Tiny Noise, is more bare, bringing forward the raw honesty that makes Levi so captivating in the first place. The EP kicks off with a beautifully soft-spoken line “I’ve never told a lie I didn’t wish was true” in “Never Want You Back”. It concludes with the Johnny Cash-esque “Dark Clay”,

    I am dark, dark clay 

    I’m all made up of earth and ugly rain

    But even when I twist myself to sad and awful shapes

    You find a way to love me anyway

    You keep finding ways to love me anyway

Just think on that one for a minute… And then come see Levi at 12th and Porter on Saturday, Nov. 17th With Seryn, Caleb, and Julia Sinclair

Levi is currently working on a new record that will drop sometime in 2013! Be on the lookout!

Today marks a very exciting moment in the history of Cause A Scene. We were graciously asked to present our first show outside the confines of a house in Nashville, and we could not be more thrilled with this show and the insanely talented lineup on board. Today also marks a jumping off point for Cause A Scene, as we are in the process of planning out a full-scale production company with the specific aim of promoting shows around Nashville with the best new talent that we can offer.

On the night of Saturday, November 17, at 12th & Porter, we will be hosting one of our all-time favorites, Seryn, fresh off their performance in front of 225+ people at our most recent house show and local legends CALEB who if you haven’t seen live, you’re severely missing out. It is very fitting to be hosting Seryn for this show, as they’re the band that really launched Cause A Scene in the first place. We couldn’t be happier to promote these wonderful folks. CALEB (Caleb and Will Chapman, Scott Mills) released the fantastic “To The Ends of the World” EP last fall and are poised to breakout in a huge way in the coming year. These guys might be young, but they possess the musical chops of artists twice their age.

As if that wasn’t enough musical goodness for you already, we’ll have the brilliant Levi Weaver and Julia Sinclair gracing the 12th & Porter stage as well. We had the chance to catch Levi close out the SofarSounds Nashville launch in early September are were left nearly speechless at the his sonically and stylistically rich songs that carried the weight and depth of an artist far beyond his years. And as for Julia? Well, we were lucky to have her open the Seryn house show and we could have listened to her play the rest of the night. A true gem of an artist.

Tickets are available on 12th & Porter’s website for $8 in advance and will be available for $10 at the door. Hurry and get yours before they’re gone. If Cause A Scene has anything to do with it (and we will), this show will sell out quickly. See you on November 17th!