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Our good friends, Foreign Fields, and house show alums have been busy these last several months, playing shows all over the Southeast, Midwest and in New York City for CMJ, including a showcase with Communion. Between a multitude of dates and their time spent working on new material, they had a chance to record a trio of songs live with OurVinyl out at my family’s farm, where we hosted them for one of the absolute favorite moments of the year, for a house show on my birthday. The guys at OurVinyl perfectly captured Foreign Fields’ gentle intensity with a bucolic background perfectly meshing with their fresh harmonies. The three videos have received nearly 300,000 views in a weeks’ time on the OurVinyl website, and it is easy to see why after watching the band perform “Names and Races” here.

Foreign Fields are playing tomorrow night at Exit/In with some of Nashville’s fastest-rising bands, Wild Cub, Vinyl Thief, Casa Castile and Afterlife Parade for Brite Revolution’s Poverty is Real Benefit. It is going to be one insanely energetic show. Tickets are just $5 and proceeds go to benefit Open Table Nashville. If you can find a better way to spend $5 on Saturday night, I’d love to know what you come up with. As for me, I’ll be there enjoying every second of this fantastic lineup.

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles

LarryKloess —  November 19, 2012 — 1 Comment

Nashville is so full of female singer/songwriters that it’s a rare day when one of them is able to come in and completely take your breath away. We first saw Erin Rae perform at the second Cause A Scene Collective show in July. She played 2 songs. We were hooked from the start. She and her band, the Meanwhiles, just released their new EP “Crazy Talk”. It’s simply beautiful. “Crazy Talk” likes somewhere between the folk/pop that has emerged from Nashville and across the pond with London’s “new folk” scene and a classic Americana sound.

Growing up, Erin Rae would listen to her parents sing and play music together after family dinners, playing folkier versions of Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson and John Prine. As she grew up and began playing at county fairs ‘before she got too old to be shy”, Erin Rae looked up to the legends of Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin and Gillian Welch, and their influence can be felt on her debut. She shares Brandi Carlile’s immaculate sense of melody blended with lyrics that are both extremely personal, but make you feel right at home in the story. It’s an intimate album that makes an instant connection with the listener. When she sings, it’s as if you’re the only one in the room. It’s an album of transition, coming to terms with the truth that life isn’t exactly the way you thought it would be and coming to terms with reality, and being content with that.

In the title track, Erin Rae’s voice dances elegantly over a soft bed of strings and piano melodies. “I know that your life can feel threatened, it makes it hard to come alive,” she sings, and you immediately feel a sense of both comfort and wonder. It’s this sincere thought that instills a hopefulness that is present throughout each of the EP’s five songs.

In “I Hope You Get What You Need”, Erin Rae sings about the common story of lost love. But rather than the angry wails we’ve come to know and love from other female artists like Adele, Erin Rae swings the pendulum the other way to a melancholy conclusion that “it’s probably better than I don’t join you for this journey / I hope you have a wonderful ride.” Throughout Erin Rae and the Meanwhile’s debut EP there remains a soothing reminder that we’re all in this together and everything is going to be just fine in the end, no matter the route we take to get there. As her first step out into the Nashville music scene, it’s a joy to witness Erin Rae coming into her own voice and growing by leaps and bounds with every show. We had the pleasure of catching her album release show (video below) and can’t wait to see her next Thursday the 29th with Andrew Combs at the High Watt. If you want to catch one of Nashville’s brightest young talents, we highly recommend you be there.

– Jameson Elder & Larry Kloess

Photo by Jamie Clayton Photography.

It’s called ‘chemistry’, an elusive quality that can be part history, part mystery and all intangible until the moment that you feel it. It’s a meant-to-be melding of the emotional and creative that can happen between songwriters, performers, best friends or life partners. For Josh and Nicole Johnson – the duo Elenowen – that connection is all of the above and much more. And on their self-titled EP, the chemistry they share is as rare – and real – as it gets.

Though emerging from the same Nashville-based Americana-folk scene as The Civil Wars, Elenowen deliver a sonic glow all their own. Amidst haunting harmonies and elegiac lyrics, their songs flow with an undercurrent of yearning, surrender and unexpectedly sharp edges. “We strive to maintain a certain vulnerability in our music,” Josh says. “We write a lot about our own lives as well as the truths about relationships that we relate to. We think it creates an intimacy that’s totally connected to the music.” The sound itself is roots-driven, with accents of cello and pedal steel cutting a deeply evocative facet. Even the name Elenowen is an authentic nod to heritage, with Ellen being Josh’s mom’s middle name and Owen being the middle name of Nicole’s dad. “They’re the sides of the family we each got our music from,” explains Josh. “What’s in our hearts will always come out in what we do.”
When we first started Cause A Scene, one of the artists we immediately said “Man, it would be amazing to get them” about was Elenowen. Josh and Nicole’s aforementioned chemistry and flawless harmonies had us wrapped around their fingers. When we unexpectedly witnessed them perform an impromptu acoustic set at Seth Wood’s Kickstarter party, our resolve to have them play in the living room was even further resolved. If you’ve somehow missed this couple’s gorgeous harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room left for you to join. On December 7th, you’ll have your chance.
Photo of Seth Wood by Zia Dunya.
Seth headlined a Cause A Scene house show this past spring and captivated the audience with every note. He recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign and will be releasing his new EP in the coming months. We’re chomping at the bit He’s a phenomenal musician and an even better guy. We really couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on this bill.
 Parke Avery closed out the night of our very first Cause A Scene “Collective” show in late March of this year (that was only our 4th show ever – WOW how the time has flown by!). On that night following Parke’s spellbinding performance, we vowed to ourselves that we would have Parke back for another show, and we’re now doing our best to control our exuberance to have him on this bill. Expecting big things from this one!

When: Friday, December 7th; Doors at 7:30; Show at 8:00
Where: Cause A Scene HQ (5008 Longstreet Drive, Brentwood)
Additional Details: $10 Advance Tickets via Eventbrite; Parking available across the street in the church parking lot. BYOB.

Matthew Hegarty aka Matthew & The Atlas takes a dreamy, textured take on Americana and filters it through his extraordinarily bruised and affecting voice. As a key member of the new folk scene emerging from London in the early part of this decade, he is a revered – almost cult – figure among his fellow artists, while continuing to fly beneath the mainstream radar.
Supported by a five-piece band, 2010/11 saw him release two acclaimed EPs on Communion Records (the young and influential indie label that has been home to Ben Howard, Daughter, Gotye, Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Foster and others) and play to a steadily growing – and increasingly evangelical – live audience in the UK.
M&TA also toured the US twice in 2011 – once supporting Mumford & Sons and once on a headline run (including a sold out show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge), and in 2012 has toured the UK and Europe with Grammy winners The Civil Wars. M&TA’s much anticipated debut album is due in 2013.

John Fullbright is a young man who finds love, beauty and pain in the here and now, but skepticism and disdain for those that would look past the world or take advantage of the dreams of those hoping for a better world. That he can articulate his worldview with an almost otherworldly precocity makes his debut studio album From The Ground Up worthy of attention. From the fertile ground of Oklahoma, another songwriting legend may be blooming.

“I have no doubt that in a short time, John Fullbright will be a household name in American music.” – Jimmy Webb

Additional details can be found on the House Show page.

Last weekend we had our biggest house show of the year, with 225+ people packed into a friends’ backyard and 3 inimitable performances from Seryn, Foreign Fields and Julia Sinclair. The night was absolutely magical: the first night of fall with just the right about of crispness in the air, a fire pit and marshmallows, to mention nothing of the 3 acts that left the entranced audience clamoring for more. Lucky for us (and for you), someone was there to capture Foreign Fields’ closing song, “Fake Arms.” Enjoy.

Another HUGE thanks to all the artists that played and the wonderful friends, new and old, who came out for the show. We’ve gotten this far because of you all, and we hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come. Thanks again!!